Fabian: Goes to the Dogs
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Fabian: Goes to the Dogs

Directed by Dominik Graf

Year: 2021
Running Time: 176 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German with English Subtitles

Berlin, 1931. Jakob Fabian works in the advertising department of a cigarette factory by day and drifts through bars, brothels and artist studios with his wealthy and debauched friend Labude by night. When Fabian meets the beautiful and confident Cornelia, he manages to shed his pessimistic attitude for a brief moment and falls in love. Not long after, he falls victim to the great wave of layoffs sweeping the city, plunging him back into a depression, while Cornelia’s career as an actress is taking off thanks to her wealthy boss and admirer – an arrangement that Fabian finds difficult to accept. But it’s not just his world that is falling apart… Veteran German director Dominik Graf (Beloved Sisters) wowed audiences at the Berlin Film Festival with this dazzling adaptation of Erich Kästner’s classic of Weimar literature, set amid the twilight hedonism of pre-Nazi Germany.


“Exhilarating. An unpredictable visual experience... unfolds like avant-garde jazz.”

"A sprawling, radical, profoundly thoughtful period drama… puts a timeless spin on the material and makes it feel as urgently relevant as ever."

“Enthralling. A vigorous, expansive romance of the times.”

“An ambitious remounting of Kastner's text, it's an uneasy calm before a wrathful storm.”

“Genuinely haunting… there's no doubt that Fabian will go down as one of the year's best films.”

“An intimate tale of friendship and tragic romance.”

“Fabian could be one of those rare contemporary German films to make a significant mark on a wider stage.”

“A love story, an homage to Berlin and also to cinema.”

  • Official Selection – Berlin Film Festival

  • Winner of Three German Film Awards (Lolas)

Tom Schilling
Albrecht Schuch
Saskia Rosendahl

Directed by Dominik Graf
Writers Dominik Graf and Constantin Lieb

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