A portrait of the 1972 National Black Political Convention by William Greaves (Symbiopsychotaxiplasm)

"Buzzes with long-term historical power." – The New Yorker

"A snapshot of ground-level organizing... lifted up by sky-high oratory." – Chicago Tribune


A life history of the beloved neurologist and author in his own words

"A portrait at once tender and thrilling." – Variety

"A thoughtful, deeply affecting film." – The Hollywood Reporter


Travel back in time to the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival!

With performances by Louis Armstrong, Mahalia Jackson, Dinah Washington, Anita O'Day, and Thelonious Monk

"The best feature-length jazz concert film ever made." – Chicago Reader


From Academy Award nominee Hubert Sauper (Darwin's Nightmare)

"Captures a Cuba that seems frozen in time." – Screen

"The director’s remarkable eye… will mesmerize you." – Vulture


Winner of top prizes at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals

"Critic's Pick! Audacious and thrilling... an ingenious adaptation of the Jack London novel." – The New York Times

"One of the most epic-feeling Italian movies in years." – Time Out New York


The original adaptation of the classic novel by Richard Wright

"Genuine essential and previously missing link in mid-20th-century cinema." – Film Comment 

"The single most influential shaping force in modern Black literary history." – Henry Louis Gates Jr.


Australia's Official Submission to the 92nd Academy Awards

"A terse minimalist thriller... supremely satisfying." – Sight & Sound

"A harrowing edge-of-your-seat adventure tale with social punch." – The Hollywood Reporter


Starring Bruno Ganz (Wings of Desire) and based on the international bestseller

"Stunning! A vibrant coming-of-age story and an intriguing portrayal of Sigmund Freud." – The Hollywood Reporter


"A shamelessly convoluted neo-noir with impressive storytelling acumen and stylistic brio to spare." – Film Comment

"A wild, multi-character ride that’s rife with energy and style, complexly knotted with an ending as simple as it is satisfying." – San Diego Reader


"Major Arcana works on every level! It's very satisfying." – Film Threat

"A stunning back to basics film." – The Dreamcage

"A visual poem." – West Ocean Front Mag


Winner of 10 U.S. Jewish Film Festival Audience Awards!

"A charming and often enlightening watch." – Little White Lies

"A heartfelt and sympathetic story." – The Guardian


"Speaks strongly about the women’s movement and the struggle that continues." – San Francisco Chronicle

"Expertly re-creates touchstone moments of Reddy’s career." – Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times




"Funny and touching... nods to the way football inspires near-religious passion." – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Eagles fans paint their own portrait of what brotherly love truly means in the best comeback sports story in years.


Michael Smerconish celebrates his 30th year as a talk radio host in this dynamic one-man performance, recorded live in the midst of a pandemic.

The result is both an intimate memoir and a unique explanation of the origin of a nation’s partisan divide.


"The craziest action film you never saw." – VideoTalk

"An excellent example of the type of escapist fun that packed drive-in theaters as recently as a decade ago but is now without a natural home." – Variety




Winner: Cannes Jury Prize

"A perfect blend of blistering social commentary and illicit genre-flick thrills." – Rolling Stone

"Critic's Pick! A heart-thumping political allegory." – The New York Times


Subject of a smash retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum

"Critic's Pick! Bristles with the excitement of discovery and also with the impatience that recognition has taken so long." – The New York Times


Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller by Thomas Piketty

"It's a massive achievement, turning this weighty volume into enthralling cinema." –


Feminist Western starring Rosalind Chao and Chris Cooper

"Rosalind Chao's performance is a wonder." – Roger Ebert

"A hard yet romantic look at men, women and gold in the Old West." – The Hartford Courant


From Academy Award nominee Atom Egoyan

"Rich and teasing. An elaborate time-slipping thriller." – The Guardian

"A beautifully nuanced performance by David Thewlis... a tour-de-force." – Screen International


Newly restored Canadian Western starring Richard Farnsworth

"One of the loveliest adventures of the year." – Roger Ebert

"Terrific. Richard Farnsworth is a delight." – The New York Times


Features interviews with Charlotte Rampling, Isabella Rossellini, Grace Jones, Anna Wintour, Claudia Schiffer, and more!

"A gossipy portrait... charmingly naughty." – The New York Times


From British master Ken Loach

"Critic’s Pick! Brutally moving... as pungent as Parasite." – The New York Times

"✭✭✭✭✭ Fierce, open and angry... This brilliant film will focus minds." – The Guardian


Oscar shortlisted: Best International Feature

"Critic’s Pick! Dazzling… a brilliantly told, deeply moving story about love." – The New York Times

"Ferocious and extraordinary. You often have to remind yourself to breathe." – Variety


Directed by Abel Ferrara and starring Willem Dafoe

"Critic's Pick! Crackle[s] with ideas and empathy, as Ferrara’s best work always does." – The New York Times

"Dafoe is incredible." – Little White Lies


Three-part episodic cinema from the director of Fatima

"One of the most exciting series of the year." – Cahiers du Cinema

"Defends the fundamental rights of gay people." – Le Parisien


New restorations of early queer classics for Pride!

Victor and Victoria (1933)

Mädchen in Uniform (1931)

Michael (1924)


"Critic's Pick! An inspiring documentary." – The New York Times

"Illustrates that the fight for democracy unfolding around the world is one and the same." –


Writer Charles Bukowski like you've never seen him before! 

"A time capsule which captures an iconic American author in his natural state and habitat." – Hammer to Nail

"Exuberant, surprising and fascinating." – Panorama Magazine


Starring Maeve Higgins and Will Forte

"Joyful and creative... armed with wit and charm to spare." – SF Chronicle

"One of the sweetest and funniest movies of the year." – /Film


Featuring Tsai Chin and Corey Ha

"A heist movie like this shouldn't exist. But thank god it does." – VICE

"Paced as perfectly as a punchline. Chin exudes cool." – The New York Times


Oscar winner: Best Foreign Language Film (1981)

"One of the greatest movie performances I've ever seen." – Roger Ebert

"This film is a work of art." – Ingmar Bergman


Meet pioneering biologist Anne Innis Dagg

"An inspiring documentary that should be at the top of everyone’s list of must-see films." – Alliance of Women Film Journalists

"Uniquely captivating." – Bay Area Reporter


A selection of the best recent short films from France

Including award winners from Cannes, Locarno, Palm Springs, and more!


Winner of Major Awards at the Tribeca, Berlin, and Busan Film Festivals

"A warm, complex and hopeful slice of teen life." – The Hollywood Reporter