"Critic's Pick! An inspiring documentary." – The New York Times

"Illustrates that the fight for democracy unfolding around the world is one and the same." –


New restorations of early queer classics for Pride!

Victor and Victoria (1933)

Mädchen in Uniform (1931)

Michael (1924)


Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller by Thomas Piketty

"It's a massive achievement, turning this weighty volume into enthralling cinema." –


Winner of Major Awards at the Tribeca, Berlin, and Busan Film Festivals

"A warm, complex and hopeful slice of teen life." – The Hollywood Reporter


Directed by Abel Ferrara and starring Willem Dafoe

"Critic's Pick! Crackle[s] with ideas and empathy, as Ferrara’s best work always does." – The New York Times

"Dafoe is incredible." – Little White Lies


Subject of a smash retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum

"Critic's Pick! Bristles with the excitement of discovery and also with the impatience that recognition has taken so long." – The New York Times


Three-part episodic cinema from the director of Fatima

"One of the most exciting series of the year." – Cahiers du Cinema

"Defends the fundamental rights of gay people." – Le Parisien


Newly restored Canadian Western starring Richard Farnsworth

"One of the loveliest adventures of the year." – Roger Ebert

"Terrific. Richard Farnsworth is a delight." – The New York Times


Featuring Tsai Chin and Corey Ha

"A heist movie like this shouldn't exist. But thank god it does." – VICE

"Paced as perfectly as a punchline. Chin exudes cool." – The New York Times




From Academy Award nominee Atom Egoyan

"Rich and teasing. An elaborate time-slipping thriller." – The Guardian

"A beautifully nuanced performance by David Thewlis... a tour-de-force." – Screen International


Starring Bruno Ganz (Wings of Desire) and based on the international bestseller

"Stunning! A vibrant coming-of-age story and an intriguing portrayal of Sigmund Freud." – The Hollywood Reporter


Starring Bridget Fonda, Tim Roth, Phoebe Cates, and Eric Stoltz

"The actors share an easy, appealing rapport and a flair for dry understatement." – The New York Times




Winner: Cannes Jury Prize

"A perfect blend of blistering social commentary and illicit genre-flick thrills." – Rolling Stone

"Critic's Pick! A heart-thumping political allegory." – The New York Times


Starring Maeve Higgins and Will Forte

"Joyful and creative... armed with wit and charm to spare." – SF Chronicle

"One of the sweetest and funniest movies of the year." – /Film


Feminist Western starring Rosalind Chao and Chris Cooper

"Rosalind Chao's performance is a wonder." – Roger Ebert

"A hard yet romantic look at men, women and gold in the Old West." – The Hartford Courant


From British master Ken Loach

"Critic’s Pick! Brutally moving... as pungent as Parasite." – The New York Times

"✭✭✭✭✭ Fierce, open and angry... This brilliant film will focus minds." – The Guardian


Oscar shortlisted: Best International Feature

"Critic’s Pick! Dazzling… a brilliantly told, deeply moving story about love." – The New York Times

"Ferocious and extraordinary. You often have to remind yourself to breathe." – Variety


A selection of the best recent short films from France

Including award winners from Cannes, Locarno, Palm Springs, and more!


Oscar winner: Best Foreign Language Film (1981)

"One of the greatest movie performances I've ever seen." – Roger Ebert

"This film is a work of art." – Ingmar Bergman


Meet pioneering biologist Anne Innis Dagg

"An inspiring documentary that should be at the top of everyone’s list of must-see films." – Alliance of Women Film Journalists

"Uniquely captivating." – Bay Area Reporter