Fire in the Mountains
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Fire in the Mountains

Directed by Ajitpal Singh

Year: 2022
Running Time: 84 minutes
Country: India
Language: Hindi with English subtitles

In northern India, a breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan community attracts tourists by commingling South Asian and Swiss Alps aesthetics. Debut filmmaker Ajitpal Singh tells an unconventional story of feminist strength while “accentuating the [region’s] spectacular exteriors and wide-canvas nature shots” (Variety). One local woman competes with her neighbors for business while battling the strictures of patriarchy, a local infrastructure from hell, and religious superstitions. She saves money, uses feminine wiles to subvert the corrupt powers-that-be, and piggy-backs her son up and down the mountainside to medical appointments with condescending doctors. In the end, our heroine’s tightly wound grit must find release… in triumph, or madness, or both. (Sonya Chung, Film Forum)


“A powerful feminist tale. Deeply empathetic.”

“An entrancing reverie of Himalayan life in India. A mix of heavenly landscapes and desperate lives. An uncategorizable cinematic experience — and a haunting one.”

“Provocative. Breathtaking vistas of green hills, waterfalls, and snowy mountaintops…contrast with the high-stakes conflict the ensemble cast carefully weaves.”

  • Official Selection – Sundance Film Festival

Vinamrata Rai
Chandan Bisht
Harshita Tiwari
Mayank Singh Jaira
Sonal Jha

Directed by Ajitpal Singh

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